Strategic and agile talent development.

Talbit guides employees to develop themselves, in a way that benefits the entire organization.

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Connect your personal growth journey to company growth.

Strategy-driven talent development

With Talbit, your strategy is tied to the development of your employees.

Create company and team-level objectives and key results and then link everyone's personal growth plans to the company strategy easily and transparently.

Talbit's benefits

Talbit offers value for everyone within the organization.

Smart goal-setting

Forget yearly performance appraisals. Talbit helps you periodically set priorities and constantly keep your personal development goals relevant.


Request and give meaningful feedback with Talbit's easy-to-use feedback templates.

1-on-1s & Coaching

Talbit connects you with your colleagues for smart 1-on-1s and easy coaching.

Learn new skills

Talbit supports your professional development goals through an effective, agile approach to developing new skills.
CEOS and founders

Align with OKRs

Through Talbit, your company's big picture objectives influence individual employee goal-setting, following the OKR framework. Now talent development supports your company's vision.

Standardized process

With Talbit, you can bring structure and a unified process to your whole organization. Talbit is there to support your new as well as experienced managers.

Recognize skill gaps

With the data gathered from your employees and Talbit's analytics, you are able to pinpoint the strategic skills that you need to improve business performance.
Human resources

Standard process

Anyone can manage team 1-on-1s and development discussions with Talbit's Agile Talent Development process.

Remove manual workload

No more managing Excel-sheets or Word-documents for 1-on-1 discussions

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