Help your people excel and grow. 

Talbit helps your people develop and grow systematically through visual and personalised development paths.

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Development path for each employee.

Talbit is the best tool for creating the right growth paths or trajectories for each and every employee.

Personal and dream goals can be linked to team and/or business/strategic objectives and broken into meaningful, measurable and concrete steps.

Grow and learn by focusing on those issues that really matter.

No more Excel sheets or Word documents for that pesky yearly development discussion!

Talbit creates value, sense of belonging and purpose through transparency.

Talbit helps employees, your company’s most valuable asset, create a sense of belonging and purpose through transparent views of teammate’s activities and development plans and by having the ability to contribute to the company’s strategy autonomously.

Align with company and team objectives

Align your employees’ personal development with your company strategic and team objectives.

Employees link their personal and business goals to company and team objectives and thus create a tight bond between their own work and the company’s plan.

When your employees grow and develop – so does your company!

Upgrade your performance management to 2020s

Old way

Once a year discussion

No feedback / outdated feedback

Word / Excel / Google Sheets/Non-reactive documentation

Easy to forget goals

Unable to track and visualize progress

No visibility to team or company target progress

Talbit way

Talbit way

Continuous discussions & feedback

Reactive and visual app on web and mobile

Reminders of upcoming goals and tasks

Plan and progress is visual and easy to track

Companywide progress is transparent

Our Customers ❤️ Talbit

“Easy to learn and fun to use! I knew what to do immediately. 

Team Lead

“Implementing Talbit for all of us employees is a clear message from our management team; they want to ensure we all can develop and grow and contribute to the strategy autonomously”


“Talbit creates a forward looking -mentality”

Head of HR

“A must tool for every organisation that wants to develop their employees systematically.”


“Talbit makes it easy for me to discuss the company strategy and how each teammate will contribute to it.

Team Lead

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