Help your people excel and grow.

Talbit is a visual goal setting and progress planning tool for companies seeking growth through the development of employees.

Use it to help your employees develop their skills and perform better autonomously, aligned with company strategy and objectives. 

Boost your team’s motivation by making teamwork transparent and with ongoing feedback. Follow the progress from Talbit dashboard.

Test it yourself.

We offer a free 30-day trial for new customers. Set your own development targets and get a new meaning for your work. Excel and grow. Bit by bit.

Why Talbit?

Individual Development Path

Talbit offers a great tool for each and every employee to design their own development path

Linked to team objectives

Linked to individual goal with concreate, autonomous steps creating the personal development path

Better strategy implementation

Strategy belongs to everyone and each employee takes it forward autonomously

With Talbit, you can create company specific strategic objectives, which the employee then links to her individual path, planning the necessary steps to reach it

Follow the progress in the Dashboard

Supporting team growth

Make teamwork transparent and create a better understanding between team mates on each other’s work and projects

Create team objectives and have each employee tie them to own development path, with concrete steps to reach them

Excel in self leadership

Turn the improvement suggestions into plans to excel

Build confidence by strengthening your abilities in a structured way

Finding a coach and sparring could be one step towards stronger self leadership

Excel through feedback

Excel through an easy to use, light 360 feedback system

Collect information on where you succeeded and where’s room for improvement on specific issues from teammates, your boss, customers

"Are we ready for Talbit?"

Let us help you with that using Design Thinking steps. Through employee interviews, we will gain an undestanding on the current situation and we will generate some ideas and test them with your employees to find those which work

Based on the results, you will get a plan how to test, pilot and implement the ideas.

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And even more great features!

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What our customers say

“Talbit is very easy to use! I knew what to do immediately.”

“Setting goals and tasks is fun and intuitive!”

“This is a must tool for every organization.”

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But what does Less is More mean in planning personal growth?

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