The way to develop your employees.

Talbit is a platform for employees to develop, learn new skills, and reach their full potential.

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They trust Talbit

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Personal Development Path

Each employee has a concrete plan for developing business and personal skills based on OKR-framework.

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Path Library

Need ideas for developing new skills? No problem. Search the Path Library for ready-made learning paths.

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Dashboard and Analytics

Follow personal, team and company progress.

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Grow your talent by giving and receiving feedback on a continuous base from colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.

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Benefits for employees

With Talbit, your company’s most valuable asset - employees - create a sense of belonging and purpose through concrete and transparent personal development plans linked to the company vision.

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Benefits for the organization.

Align your employees’ personal development with your company’s strategic and team objectives. Use the Talbit Way to discover hidden potential within your organization and develop needed skills efficiently.

When your employees grow and develop – so does your company!

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Integrations to multiple platforms.

Talbit integrates with multiple HR-systems and is available on all your favourite platforms, like Slack and mobile phones.

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Customers love Talbit

Implementing Talbit for all of us employees is a clear message from our management team; they want to ensure we all can develop and grow and contribute to the strategy autonomously

- Consultant

Talbit makes it easy for me to discuss the company strategy and how each teammate will contribute to it.

- Team Lead

A must tool for every organisation that wants to develop their employees systematically.

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