Talbit makes 1-on-1s great again.

Upgrade from traditional 1-on-1s to  Visual Development Paths 


Transform your traditional static development process and 1-on-1s to more employee driven with Talbit. Based on the 1-on-1 discussions, each employee creates his own concrete development plan with goals for the upcoming year. These goals are linked to team and company objectives.

During the year, informal discussion are held with the manager. The employee and manager discuss the plan and make sure employee has all the tools to ensure the success of the plan. 

Forget traditional sheets and documents and start developing your employees with Talbit today.

Strategic employee development

When all employee development goals are linked transparently to organizational and business objectives you get the following results:

  • better understanding of what others are doing
  • better communality, more purposeful work and a better employee experience 
  • better development of strategic competencies
  • save costs on the acquisition of skills


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