Hot summer of 2020 continues and we are excited to announce the release of the latest Talbit update, which includes a big new feature β€” the Path Library.

With the help of Path Library, each Talbitter can browse learning paths for learning new skills and competences. We have multiple paths from the areas of HR, Personal Development, Software, Marketing, Sales, and Writing. Paths consist of multiple tasks and reward points and can be easily added to own Development Path with just a click.

Talbit Path Library

We have a couple of interesting paths ready for you at the launch and we are adding more and more paths constantly! In the upcoming releases, we will enable the company admin to create company-specific paths.

Other improvements and fixes in this release:

  • Better management tools for company admin
  • Improved Talbit Wizard with bugfixes
  • Give feedback on Talbit App from the menu
  • Better list sorting and searching in the Dashboard and other places
  • UI improvements and other fixes

Go try the Path Library and give us feedback!

– Aleksi & the Talbit Team