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Create a better feedback culture 

When developing new skills and competences, 20% of learning should be done via interacting, collaborating and getting relevant feedback. That’s why Talbit has great feedback features.

Talbit’s feedback collection makes it easy to gather 360-degree feedback on your tasks from your colleagues, customers, managers and other stakeholders. All feedback is saved on the tasks so it is easy to create new development goals based on the feedback given and develop systematically. 

Talbit makes it easy to give also anonymous personal feedback, so go ahead and praise your colleague or give him concrete tips on how to learn and improve his/hers work. 

Talbit Dashboard Inna
Talbit Dashboard Inna

Transparency creates communality

Each employees personal development path and team/company objectives are transparent to the whole organization. Transparency creates more understanding of your colleagues work and how he or she is developing skills or competences and working towards common objectives. Transparency also helps to create better communality, raises the company morale and helps in strategy execution.

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