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Manage Employee Development

With Talbit, the development of each employee becomes a vital part of  their work. With Talbit’s visual development paths, learning new skills and competences becomes easy and fast. Talbit encourages learning based on previous tasks – if you have read a book, taken a course or watched an educational video you are encouraged to create tasks where this new skill is used.

Talbit makes it easy for employees to ask continuous feedback from managers, team members and clients. With the help of feedback the employee can create additional understanding of own competences  and possible areas of development.

With the help of reporting and individual development paths you can bridge competence gaps quickly. Also developing your employees skillset and competences makes the employee satisfaction and experience better and saves costs in recruiting..

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Develop skills and knowledge

When all employee development goals are linked transparently to organizational and business objectives you get the following results:

  • better understanding of what others are doing
  • better communality, more purposeful work and a better employee experience 
  • better development of strategic competencies
  • save costs on the acquisition of skills





    Benefits for the Individual

    Ability to plan and develop skills vital for the company, skills needed in the future and in an easy to read and visual format.

    Ability to create better understanding on peer’s skills, interests in developing and participating in taking the company strategy forward.

    Ability to learn from ongoing feedback from peers, supervisor and customers.

    Ability to create a better sense of purpose in your everyday work.

    Benefits for the Organization

    Ability to support and reward based on real performance

    Ability to enhance your employee experience and engage with your employees in a new way

    Ability to help your people excel at their jobs

    Ability to utilize the skill bank for future recruitments

    Ability to link employee development and contribution to company strategy

    Ability to save time and money by reducing manual work in performance management

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