Talbit for CEOS and founders

Always have the skills to execute on your strategy.

Create strategic OKRs for the whole company. Upskill your employees in line with your objectives.

Align everyone with OKRs.

OKR-framework (objectives and key results) are used by top companies around world to manage performance and strategy. With Talbit, you can easily manage OKRs for company-level strategic objectives and team-level objectives.

Link personal development with strategy

Through Talbit, your company's big picture objectives influence individual employee goal-setting, following the OKR framework. Every employee can link personal goals to company or team objective. Now talent development supports your company's vision.

Recognize skill gaps.

With the data gathered from your employees and Talbit's analytics, you are able to pinpoint the strategic skills that you need to improve business performance.

Standardized process

With Talbit, you can bring structure and a unified process to your whole organization. Talbit is there to support your new as well as experienced managers.


Development sprints

Continuous, iterative, relevant development plans that support the organization.


Library with ready-made Goals, which you can easily add to your development sprints.


Have meaningful 1-on-1s during sprints with a coach that you designate each sprint.


Collect comprehensive feedback on your skills and performance and to support your development.

Organizational skills

Talbit enables you to track the skills in your organization and plan  more efficiently.


Use company and team OKRs (objectives and key results) to succeed in your strategy.

Survey templates

Talbit enables your organization to collect important information such as employee engagement or eNPS .

Powerful integrations

Talbit integrates with Slack and also with HRM systems like Sympa HR.

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