Talbit for HR

Organization-wide talent development

Standardize your talent development process and remove manual workload with Talbit.

Standard process for managers and team leads

Anyone can manage team 1-on-1s and development discussions with Talbit's Agile Talent Development process which has timeline for 1-on-1s and perfomance review.

Remove manual workload

No more managing Excel-sheets or Word-documents for 1-on-1 discussions and talent development plans. With Talbit, everything is managed easily with one app.

Track progress from reporting Dashboard

With Talbit, you can easily view the status of OKRs, how many 1-on-1s have been held and how skills are being developed throughout the organization.

Development sprints

Continuous, iterative, relevant development plans that support the organization.


Library with ready-made Goals, which you can easily add to your development sprints.


Have meaningful 1-on-1s during sprints with a coach that you designate each sprint.


Collect comprehensive feedback on your skills and performance and to support your development.

Organizational skills

Talbit enables you to track the skills in your organization and plan  more efficiently.


Use company and team OKRs (objectives and key results) to succeed in your strategy.

Survey templates

Talbit enables your organization to collect important information such as employee engagement or eNPS .

Powerful integrations

Talbit integrates with Slack and also with HRM systems like Sympa HR.

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