How Talbit works

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Invite your organization and create objectives.

Invite your employees to Talbit and have them create their profiles. Create teams and update company structure. Define company-level strategic objectives and have Team Leads create team-level objectives.

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Employees create development paths.

Have 1-on-1s with employees, discuss and define what skills and competencies they want to focus on. Support the employee in creating relevant goals and concrete tasks to help them grow and develop.

Employees can use the Talbit Path Library to find suitable development paths for developing needed skills and competencies.

Follow progress and give support.

Follow your progress from Dashboard, have 1-on-1s, and give support to your employees in their personal development journey.

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Transparent progress. Across the whole organization.

Talbit boosts your team’s motivation by pushing a more transparent and self-driven talent development culture.

Talbit uses elements from the OKR (Objectives and Key Results) framework to build better employee experiences and success stories in skill development and strategy implementation.

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Development Path

Enables you to grow and develop skills and competencies you and the company need.

Path Library

Library with ready-made Paths, which you can easily add to your development path.


Have meaningful 1-on-1s between Team Leads and employees with Talbit.


Collect 360-degree feedback on your goals and tasks and develop based on the feedback.


Talbit supports self-leadership and enables personal growth through learning and reflection.

Organizational skills

Who knows React? Who is a great presenter? The Skill Bank enables you to track the skills in your organization and plan  more efficiently.


Talbit mobile app is available on both iOS and Android.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why should we try Talbit?

In today's increasingly competitive job market, employers are forced to rethink how they attract and retain talent. One of the main factors that keeps employees motivated is opportunities to grow and develop. When employees are engaged and learning new skills, the organization also benefits by increasing skill within the organization, decreased hiring costs, and happier work environment. Talbit's individual-focused development platform helps the whole organization in reaching it's goals.

How do I get started?

Get started by signing up to Talbit and following the steps in the Talbit wizard.

How do I cancel my current subscription?

You can manage your Talbit subscription from the Admin tools inside the Talbit app. Don't forget that Talbit adapts to your need, so if you need to scale down your subscription, you can also do that.

How does Talbit differ from Project Management -tools?

Talbit is for planning and developing your skills needed to “get the job done” and actions to take to ensure a successful strategy. It is for digitizing your Personal Development/Employee Development -process and to make it more employee driven. Targets discussed and set in a PD/Development -discussion are set into Talbit and split into concrete actions. Project Management -tools handle project related tasks, which are concentrating more on the daily tasks.

What is a timeline for one Development Path?

This depends fully on the individual and their ability to learn and implement the learnings into everyday work. To give a figure, we would go for six to 12 months as a good period.

Is it OK to ask for feedback from customers?

Yes, most definitely and you should! If it is your first time, make sure you communicate it well. Let your customer know that it is for growth and strengthening your competences, when sending the Talbit -feedback link.

Is Talbit transparent only for my team?

Talbit is transparent throughout the company. With the transparency, want are making sure
- internal skills and potential are known
-a sense of belong is created by seeing that everyone is developing toward the same direction

Does Talbit work for business goals?

Talbit works excellent for personal business goals. Employees can create goals with weekly and monthly tasks and all goals can be linked to team and company objectives. The progress can be followed from the Dashboard.

Does Talbit work for personal goals?

Yes! Talbit has 2 streams: business and personal. Plan your business- and work-related goals in the Business stream and those that support your wellbeing and motivation in the Personal Stream. If you wish, you can also make those personal goals private.

How do I use the points?

Gamification and collecting points will be a big part of Talbit’s development in 2021. Points can be used to follow own progress. Our yearly Christmas Charity campaign is an excellent way to try it out; collect 3 points based on given development -rules and have those points converted into euros, which are donated towards Christmas gifts for underprivileged children living in Finland.

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