Personal Development.

Made easy for everyone.

Your Development Path.

Forget Excel sheets and Word documents for yearly performance reviews. Create your own development path by adding personal and business goals to your Talbit timeline.

After completing goals, go ahead and ask for 360° feedback from your colleagues, team leader and customers. Through relevant feedback, Talbit offers you and your team another angle and element for developing and exceling in your job and work efficiently.

Link your personal growth to that of your company’s and team’s and feel a sense of purpose in your everyday work.

Transparent progress.

Across the whole organization.

Talbit boosts your team’s motivation by pushing a more transparent and self-driven culture to talent development.

Talbit uses elements from the OKR (Objectives and Key Results)  to build better employee experiences and success stories in strategy implementation via a transparent development culture.

You can also utilize Talbit for onboarding new employees and the Talbit data in your future recruitments and employer branding communication.

What is Talbit? Check out the video

More Awesome Features


Plan your development

Plan and create your yearly targets and steps to reach them. Modify as you go, when needed.

Visualize your development path

Have Talbit create the targets and steps into a clear and fun, easy to follow visual development path.



Grow into a talent by giving and receiving feedback on a continuous base from colleagues, customers and other stakeholders.

Strategy implementation

Strategy belongs to everyone. Each employee participates in it by taking it forward in an automonous way, planning the steps leading to a common goal.


Use the OKR-framework to track your personal and business -related development.


Gamification features bring motivation for the invidiual to achieve their goals.

Learning and reflection

Talbit supports self leadership and enables personal growth to happen through feedback and self reflection.


Who knows React? Who is a great presenter? Talbit’s Skill Bank enables you to track skills across the whole organisation.


Benefits for the Individual

Ability to plan and develop skills vital for the company, skills needed in the future and in an easy to read and visual format.

Ability to create better understanding on peer’s skills, interests in developing and participating in taking the company strategy forward.

Ability to learn from ongoing feedback from peers, supervisor and customers.

Ability to create a better sense of purpose in your everyday work.

Benefits for the Organization

Ability to support and reward based on real performance

Ability to enhance your employee experience and engage with your employees in a new way

Ability to help your people excel at their jobs

Ability to utilize the skill bank for future recruitments

Ability to link employee development and contribution to company strategy

Ability to save time and money by reducing manual work in performance management

Test it yourself.

Try if Talbit suits your organisation's needs for employee development.

We offer your organisation a free 30-day trial. Set development targets and get a new meaning for your work.

Excel and grow your talent. Bit by bit.