Why Talbit?

Replace outdated 1-on-1s with visual development paths

Talbit makes it easy to transform traditional static development discussions and process into more employee-driven and strategic. Visual development path, created by the employee in co-operation with his/hers manager makes the development plan concrete. The path includes goals that are linked to strategic and business-related objectives. Each goal is divided into concrete tasks.

Better employee development

Develop the skills of your employees systematically one by one. Link the development into team and company objectives. Follow the progress in the level organization, team and the indivdual. Create more transparency inside your organization by making each  employees’ develpoment path public and visible.

Develop your work community with Talbit

Create better employee experience to your whole organization by understanding your employees in a whole new way. Talbit also creates a better feedback culture by making  anonymous feedback easy and simple. Transparency and common objectives create a sense of common mission and direction for company strategy. 

Test it yourself.

Try if Talbit suits your organisation’s needs for employee development.

We offer your organisation a free 30-day trial. Set development targets and get a new meaning for your work.

Excel and grow your talent. Bit by bit.